About Indota

Indota is manufacturing high quality tools for classroom use. You probably have seen many of our products, some branded by our OEM or Private Label partners. We have a skilled and motivated workforce in our factory in China, and recently established an Indota BV office in the Netherlands to supply all of Europe.

Indota is commited to great quality and we work to make sure our products are widely available. We are dedicated to providing great support to our partner distributors and resellers.

Contact us for finding your nearest provider of Indota classroom tools!

Ten reasons to choose Indota for your classroom

In the age of the Internet of Things, we think all classroom tools should effortlessly be able to work together. Tablets and laptops should sync. When you store your electronics, they should be secure and charge overnight so they are ready for use in the morning. Furniture should be comfortable for all students, and easy to move around.

Streamline your teaching without worrying about the technology.

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1. Charge.

Charge all your tablets and laptops overnight in the Indota mobile charging cabinets. Choose the model that fits your needs, a cabinet can hold 24 – 36 tablets, chromebooks or laptops. Every morning all systems are fully charged and ready for the day ahead.

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2. Synchronize.

Sync and charge all your tablets at the same time with the Indota Sync Box. The Sync Box can hold 24 – 36 tablets.

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3. Collaborate.

Project collaboration is easy with the Indota collaboration tables. 6 table segments form a round table, but are also easy to reconfigure. The tables collapse and slide together for quick and easy storage.

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4. Regroup

The indota roll-about student chairs make regrouping a breeze. You can have your groups traditionally aligned, in circles or squares, and change the around in a few minutes when you need to. Make the room configuration adjust to your the activities.

Indota interactive monitor

5. Interactive monitor

The indota interactive monitor comes in large sizes up to 86” so that every student can see your dynamic lessons. Students love to work in small projects as well, supported by the display's 10-point multi-touch capabilities.

Indota Lectern

6. Projection

Is your room too big for every student to see the wall monitor? No problem! Just project it, and combine the projection with an indota novel classroom lectern so that you can face your students while you're talking.

Indota Charging locker station

7. Charging locker station

Do you need to get those phones out of the classroom? Get the indota charging locker station, and securly store them for your students. Comes with USB charge points. Also available as non-charging ABS storage lockers

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Indota VR charging station

8. VR charging station.

Already into VR? Check out the indota charging stations and trolleys to store and charge your VR devices.

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9. Whiteboards

More traditional whiteboards are also available. The indota ultra-wide whiteboards cover the wall, but can also work in segments with a projection board in the middle.

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10. Wall Box

With the indota Wall Box you can safely store the computer, the audio amplification, and the document camera in a wall box. All your support always at your fingertips, but securely locked away.