Indota Mobile Charging carts

The Indota Mobile Charging carts come in two sizes:




Both cabinets are compatible with laptops as well as tablets
Both cabinets can be delivered with sync boxes
Both cabinets are configurable for 20-32-36-40 items
Product Options
Standard Products
ID-1 TS 1-door cabinet for 32 tablets with 2 x 16 pos sync boxes for sync and charge
ID-1 2N 2-door cabinet for 36 laptops/notebooks/chrome books for charge only.
no greater that 14” with power management module
Custom Products please note that custom products may have a limited supply in the distributor warehouses
ID-1 N for 20 notebooks charging and storing
no greater that 14” with power management module
ID-1 T for 32 tablets
charging/storage only, with power management module
ID-2 T for 40 tablets, and 2x 20 pos sync boxes