ID-C1 Dynamic student Ergo-Chair

The Indota Smart desks and chairs are ergonomically designed and are suitable for a wide variety of teaching situations. You can easily reposition the furniture to let your students engage in group activities, or isolate them for concentrated learning and exams.


Option Description
material The material of smart table and chair is made of ABS engineering plastics, nylon and other materials for injection molding. It is CE and RoHS certified and can be used confidently.
Rotatable table top table rotation, rotation angle ≥60°, table size: ≥ 560mm * 310mm, holds maximum weight 30kg ± 2kg, fine for writing, placing books, and tablets, the table tops have great utility!
Table support bar Table support bar can be rotated ≥ 90 °, suitable for all size students.
Chair body arc design The back of the chair is perfectly matched with the human back. It fully supports buttocks and thighs, effectively relieving thigh nerve pressure. These human factors make the chairs very comfortable.
Seat storage Design The diameter of the storage space under the seat is ≥ 545mm, stores items such as schoolbags
Omni-directional wheels with 5 (round bottom) or 6 (square bottom) soft glide Casters, safe and stable, free the student to adapt to various group activities dynamically..