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Product Specifications
Colors Blue and white
Size LxWxH 445mm x 350mm x 300mm
Function Store, charge and synchronize devices. (Designed for tablets)
AC Version has no synchronization
Capacity Plastic separator: 300mm front and rear, 20mm left and right, 190mm high
Can charge 12 bays tablets at the same time
Maximum tablet size 10.1inches
Dual use Can be placed on the desktop, can also be wall mounted
Charging AC or USB charge, single output, overload protection
(all the plugs are placed above the box)
Handling Handles on both sides for easy handling
Device protection Plastic separators, equipped with spring pads effectively protects tablets against damage
Cooling Multiple vent slots around the side of the box that allow heat to dissipate
Locking Mechanical lock to keep the contents secure
Notes (for USB) When the USB port is equipped with a charging cable all the lights will be extinguished without delay.
When the USB strip does not have any charging cable, the USB light will be off after 10 seconds