Indota Smart Library

Indota Smart Library Indota Smart Library

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Product Specifications
Material Steel
Size and weight LxWxH 990mm x 320mm x 1770mm
Capacity 120 books
Screen 24″ 10 points multi-touch screen. Touch screen GUI based with voice instruction
Bookcases Customizable, available with 1 or 2 bookcases
Electric Parameters Input Voltage: 220V; 50-60Hz
Power consumption: ≤70W
RFID Frequency: 13.56MHz
Maintenance The user can easily service the device
Software All-in-one service: allows the user to look for, borrow, return, renew and reserve books
Big Data Analysis Handle data such as the most popular books, the most active readers, and other user statistics
RFID tags Every book is equipped with an ID tag to speed up library transactions and basic library management tasks
Structure Small size for quick installation, module structure for easy upgrading.