Charging locker station

Charging locker station.

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Charging Locker Station Charging Locker Station Charging Locker Station

Product Specifications
Material Steel
Colors black and white
Lock Password, IC card, Emergency key
Devices Up to 15.6"
Size 10 bays: LxWxH 420mm x 450mm x 1207mm
24 bays: LxWxH 900mm x 470mm x 1573mm
Charging 1 UK/EU power socket + 2 USB sockets per locker
Vents All locker doors have ventilation holes
Door Opens 90°
Interface AC adapter and USB charging interface
Input 100-240V
Input frequency 50-60Hz
Electric current 2.4A
Output voltage 5.2V
Dielectric strength 1500V
Resistance 100 mΩ